About Me

Hi! Apa khabar ? My name is Faith Thong and I ‘m Malaysian currently living in Kuala Lumpur .I love travel and food.

The purposed of me writing on this blog is to share my experiences in things I love which is Food & Travel . I love to eat as well as traveling and these experiences educate me about different perspectives in life.

Traveling has always been my passion since I was a young adult. So far I only been into 10 countries and 11 states in my own country , the beautiful Malaysia . My long life dream is to travel as much as I can and also at the same time inspire others to do as well .

Why traveling ?

I say “why not ?”

Traveling for me does open my eyes and my mind . Seeing different perspectives in life . We only get to live once and we should not live regretting every single day of our lives .

I’m currently in my mid 30’s and no way I stopping anytime . My passion for traveling has always been strong .I hope my stories and pictures would inspire you to travel as much as you can . I’m sure many people had bucket list and what they want to do why not do a bucket list of countries of places you want to visit in your lifetime . Remember we only live once 😉