Best of Burmese Food – Burma Bistro

Hi People. Welcome back to my blog .Today I’m going to write about my first taste of Burmese food in Myanmar.On my first night arriving to Yangon city ,the business capital of Myanmar ,my friend brought me to this place called Burma Bistro for dinner. This place has been featured in the Myanmar Times before and also Tripadvisor .They don’t have a website but here are their facebook page.

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Entrance to the restaurant

You have to walk up the staircase as the restaurant is located at the first floor of this building.

inside the restaurant

This is how the restaurant look like inside .They have 2 floor and this picture show the first floor where most people dine here .Upstairs is more like a drinking bar setup .Sorry I didn’t take the picture of the second floor.

Here are some pictures of the food that I’ll drink and ate .

Myanmar Premium Draft Beer
Tea Kya Saint
Tarbalaw Soup
Keramat Chicken
Ginger Salad ( with Fish Skin )
Thingyan Fever
Banana Flambe

How much does my bill cost ?

All total up about 41’349 Kyat which is equivalent to 28.52 US Dollar which is not too bad actually . The prices are not expensive but affordable given the quality of the food and presentation .The restaurant has a very good ambient and cozy feeling which make the whole dining experience very good.

Where is this restaurant located?

Address : No.644,Corner of Merchant Road & Shwe Bon Thar Road, Pabedan Township,Yangon,Myanmar

Opening hours ?

They are open daily from 7am to 12 am.

Do you need a reservation ?

If you do not want to be disappointed of not getting a table ,best to make a call +95 9 40118 3838 to reserve a table in case it overcrowded but that day I went it wasn’t full house.So for me there no need to reserved table .Me and my friend just walk in.

What is best food to eat ?

I always like ice cream dessert and I find the Banana Flambe to be my favourite dish in this restaurant.( This is just my personal opinion only)

As a summary,I highly recommended anyone who are traveling to Yangon city to try the foods in this restaurant.Seriously ,don’t leave Yangon without trying this.I hope you all are inspired by this story and continue to travel and eat as you can .Till then .Goodbye.


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