India – Part 2 – Abhaneri -Fatehpur Sikri – Agra

Hi people , welcome back to part 2 series of India .This post would be talking about my second day tour in India. where my group travel from Jaipur to Agra but along the way we drop by some small villages and city in between and saw some beautiful monument and historical places which some dated back as old as 9th century.If you are new to my blog and you haven’t read the previous post ,please click here . Ok we ready to move on,therefore let wait no more.Let go!

After we check out from our hotel in Jaipur ,we continue our next destination to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal but it would took us about 4-5 hours drive to reach our destination. From Jaipur to Agra,there is not flight option and the only way to travel between Jaipur and Agra is through public transportation.

Chand Boari (Stepwell) ,Abhaneri

The first place we stop by is the famous oldest stepwell called Chand Boari which is situated in Abhnaeri village which is about 1 hours 40 minutes from our hotel in Jaipur.

Chand Boari is built by a king called King Chand Raja back in the 9th century and it is consider one of the largest and beautiful stepwell in the world.

I’m actually amazed by this stepwell and wonder how do people back in the 9th century actually able to built this to store water.If you are doing the golden triangle tour be sure to stop by this site and the entrance fees is free.Here we don’t have a local tour guide telling us the story of this but you can goggle online to read the history of this site.Here I put the link below for you to read.

How to get here ?

I put a goggle map link here below but there is not other way to reach here except by public transportation either a bus or taxi.

Harshat Mata Temple

Chand Baori is not the only attraction place in Abhaneri but there is very old temple called the Harshat Mata temple that was built back in the 7th or 8th century which is located nearby the Chand Baori.Unfortunately ,the day I arrive to this place it was raining and I didn’t manage to visit this location and only saw this from outside and it looked like a ruined temple as it was destroyed many centuries ago .

After our lunch break ,we continue our journey to Agra but we stop by a small city call Fatehpur sikri.

Fatehpur Sikri Monument Complex

This capital was founded by Emperor Akbar in 1569 and is also one of the UNESCO world heritage site. Fatehpur mean victory and the city was named “City of Victory “after Emperor Akbar victorious campaign at Gujarat.

To enter the Fatehpur Sikri complex ,there is an entrance fee for entering the Fatehpur Sikri for foreign tourist which is indian rupees 550. Indian visitor and citizen from the SAARC and BIMSTEC countries
just need to pay indian rupess 20. Indian nationals need to pay 50 indian rupess. Children below 15 can enter for free.

Public Courtyard

This courtyard is where the Emperor Akbar has it public audience from visitor outside.

Panch Mahal

Panch Mahal means the “wind catcher tower” and it a five story building built by Emperor Akbar as pleasure palace. It was known for it exceptional architecture and was inspired by Buddhist temple.

Panch Mahal

Anup Talao

Built by Raja Anup Singh Sikarwar , an ornamental pool with a central platform and four bridges leading up to it.


Diwan E- Khas is a Emperor Akbar hall of private audience.This hall is surmounted by four chattris and has a central pillar with a square base and an octagonal shape adorned with floral patterns. There is 36 serpentine brackets that hold the little podium on which Akbar met the various religious delegates and carried out elaborate discussions on their faiths.

Diwan I-Khas
Inside Diwan I-Khas

How to get here ? I put the goggle map links below as references for you to reach here.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is a iconic mosque built by by the Emperor Akbar in the 1570.It is known as Friday mosque and one of the largest mosque in India.

Buland Darwaza

Buland Darwaza or it is also called as “Gate of Victory” was built by Emperor Akbar to commemorate his victory in Gujarat.

Buland Darwaza (Gate of Victory}

Tomb of Salim Chishti

This tomb is famed for one of the finest example of the Mughal architecture and this mausoleum was built after the death of Salim Chishti a sufi saint who has foretold Emperor Akbar a prophecy that he would have a son.

Entrance to tomb of Salim Chishti

Interesting fact about Tomb of Salim Chishti

There is this belief that devotee who ask for the blessing by tying a thread on the marble screens of the main tomb building would remind the saint on their wishing. I of course as well did it as well .So you are require to tied 3 times knots and recite your wishes while tying it.

Overlooking the Jama Mosque,Tomb of Salim Chishti and
Buland Darwaza

The Jama Mosque ,Tomb of Salim Chishti and Bulan Darwaza are located to each other forming a square area like below .

Goggle Map Satellite picture

Don’t and Do

Do cover up or dress modestly when visiting religious places .Be respectful when visiting any tomb to pay respect.

Don’t buy stuff from the individual seller who are trying to sell you stuff,Beware because once one of them approach you and you agreed to buy, tons of seller will swarm you and this is speaking from my own experience that there are several times where this seller has been harassing me to buy stuff from him and we had quickly leave the place and take a tuk tuk to go down to the place where our driver park the car just to run away from him.

Tuk Tuk ride at Fatehpur Sikri

The first time experience of riding a tuk tuk in India was very fun.By the time we reach down to the parking space ,it already very late evening and we had to quickly reach our next destination which is our hotel in Agra. Overall it has been very interesting and learning a lot about this city who was once built by a powerful Emperor Akbar who is also known as “Akbar The Great” but soon after it was been abandon ,it was dubbed a ghost town in the past.

Now Fatehpur sikri is consider one of the tourist spot if you are doing the Golden Triangle tour or you can even go here from Agra as it is about 50 minute drive to the west of Agra. The best way to there is by public transportation only as there is no train station available there.

I going to end my part 2 series of India in this post and will continue in part 3 of my India Trip in my next post .Hope you enjoy this and be inspire to travel as I do.


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