India – Part 1 – Jaipur (The Pink City)

Hi! Welcome back. Today, I shall be posting about my India trip and I need to split in a few part because although I went to India for a very short trip but there is so much to cover when I was there .So many things to see but so little time to spend there . Therefore ,let not wait any longer.Let start!

Firstly I went for the Golden Triangle tour in India with my friends for about 4-5 days. Therefore if you have about short trip to spend on visiting India,you may try to do the Golden Triangle Tour which would give you glimpse of India.What is Golden Triangle you may be asking ?A brief background on Golden Triangle first .India Golden Triangle is a tourist circuit which connect three national capital which are New Dehli,Jaipur and Agra. It is called the Golden Triangle because of the locations of the capital which form the triangular shape on the map

Golden Triangle in map

Me and my friends started our journey from New Dehli by taking a local flight from New Dehli to Jaipur. We took this airline called SpiceJet which is a local low cost airline because they offer the cheapest ticket to fly from New Dehli to Jaipur. We depart from New Delhi airport and arrive at Jaipur around 9pm.We got pick up by our driver in Jaipur airport and headed to our hotel.

In Jaipur we stayed in a hotel called Hotel Mansingh which is supposed to be a 5 star hotel in Jaipur but to be honest I was very disappointed by it because of the lousy front office service and lousy dinner we had at the hotel.I would not recommend to stay at his hotel if you are in Jaipur.

The next day,we started our trip to explore Jaipur which is also dubbed “The Pink City”. It was called the pink city because in 1876,the Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth visited the city of Jaipur and pink is represent hospitality and Maharaja Ram Singh painted the whole city with pink colours to welcome guests.

The first stop we went was the Hawa Mahal or it is called the “Palace of Winds”.This is one of the most famous tourist spot in Jaipur and later you can see the different between picture taken in the morning and the night which has very different views and effects.Upon arriving here ,you can see many international tourist taking picture of this or even taking a sip of coffee on top of the building opposite this architecture while enjoying this view. It’s a masterpiece !

Standing in front of the Palace Of Wind

Second stop of the next destination we went was one of the UNESCO site which is Amber Palace or some called it the Amber Fort.For foreign tourist,there a fee of 500 indian rupees need to pay for the entrance.If you wish to ride an elephant inside Amber Fort you need to pay indian rupees about 1100 perperson. It was a interesting but scary experience for me but at the same time after the ride I feel bad for sitting on top of the elephant. I feel like I’m contributing in animal torture which I much regretted it later. People, do not take the elephant ride if you at Amber Fort. These people are making money out of tourist and I feel pity on the elephant which need to work hours just to entertain the foreign tourist.

Amber Palace
Riding the elephant
Snake charmer at the Amber Palace

The next stop we passed by the Jal Mahal Palace but we didn’t enter this place as it was close or something that day. So I can only take picture from outside. This palace was built in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake and I’m curious how do people get in there?Hmmmm ….

Jal Mahal

After a delicious good lunch at the local restaurant,we head off to the City Palace.City Palace is a historical museum and also the current residence of the Jaipur Royal Family.There is an entrance fee of indian rupees 350 perperson for foreign tourist to enter this place and if you have time you should also visit this place as inside there is a museum that showcase the history of the Jaipur Royal Family.

Our final spot of the day was the Jantar Mantar which is also nearby the City Palace.The Jantar Mantar monument in Jaipur is a collection of nineteen architectural astronomical instruments built by the Rajput king Sawai Jai Singh II, and was completed in 17th century.This monument features the world’s largest stone sundial, and is also an UNESCO World Heritage site.The entrance fee is indian rupees 200 perperson to enter for foreign tourist.

Picture with our tour guide Mr Karan Singh

Interesting Facts

We try to tell the time by using one of this stone sundial and the results is pretty amazing .It really tell you the exact time as your watch if you know “how to use and read the time using these sundial”.Our tour guide explain to us how it works and I just amaze that how do these people in past able to create such amazing things just to know the time back then ? Clever isn’t it?

In between our tour ,we do stop by several shops to do some shopping along the way.Jaipur is also famous for it textile and here they are famous for block print textile.Our tour guide brought us to this textile shop where we get a glimpse on how they do hand block print fabrics.After the demonstration of hand block print process ,we were invited into the shop for a cup of chai tea and they shows us many products from garments to table cloths.

As you can see here ,I’m choosing some silk scarfs to buy back as souvenir gifts to family and friends.Honestly I couldn’t resist not shopping even though some tourist say this shop is overprice and cheat them but overall my experience of this shop is they don’t pressure you to shop but eventually you ended up buying something before leaving the shop.

This shop is called Krishna Textiles. Our tour guide brought here and here you can find all kinds of Sarees,Quilts,Bed Cover,Ready made Garments & Others. They also have section where have tailors who can do custom clothing for you if nothing ready in the store fits you and they would send it to you hotel once done.If you interested to go to this shop ,there is no exact location which in goggle map which I can pin point to you .All I have is the name card I gotten from the shop staff.

Another Interesting Facts

Jaipur city is also known as the city of all gems because it is known for its jewelry and precious stone work.Jaipur is the pioneer in jewelry market and here you can find all sort of gems in one place.Hence you can see international tourist coming here to buy precious or semi precious stones at affordable price.I myself also bought couple of gemstones earrings for my mum and sisters while I’m here. Depends on the prices

Before heading for our dinner and back to hotel,we pass by again the Palace of Wind and the night view was spectacular.

Night view of Hawa Mahal

I hope you enjoy reading my post despite my poor English grammar and explanation on the places that I visited in Jaipur .If you have chance to visit this place ,you must come here and visit some of the places I mention and also do some shopping if you like jewelry and textiles.I will end my post today and continue part 2 on my India trip series in my next post .


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