Tips for preparing trip to India

Hi, everyone ,welcome back to my blogs. Today and incoming future couple of post,I going to be blogging about my trip to India and how I prepare for it.Last year ,I went to India in September to attend my company event held in New Delhi and I have invited couple of my co-worker to join me for this little short trip in India.

First I like to start off with some thoughts that many people have misconception about India because in recent years, the media has been constantly publishing bad or negative news about it but India on the other hand have so many things to offer which many people aren’t aware of .So when I told my mum that I going to India for company trip and vacation ,like any other mum in the world ,she was constantly worries despite herself have travel to India before couple years back . I assure her that I not travelling alone in India and have my own group of friends to travel around .

So here some tips on how to prepare a trip to India.Let get started!

1. Get your visa

Firstly before arriving in India,you need to check if your passport require any visa to enter the country.Be sure to check with your local embassy or turn to the website to know what type of visa you need to apply or you can enter visa free to India.So far only a few country where its people can enter freely to India which is Nepal and Bhutan due to diplomatic relationship between the three county.Some countries are able to apply through online and get an e-visa,therefore be sure to check if you eligible to apply for e-visa or not .Malaysian can go to this India Visa Center to apply for your visa before going .Here I linked the below website for Malaysian how to apply India Visa and there is a few centre around Malaysia which you can walk in and ask about the visa.

Or if you are from other countries you can go this website below to check out your visa eligibility and if you are able to apply e-visa you can also use this website to apply for it .So I used this website to apply for e-visa (because Malaysia passport are eligible to apply for e-visa) and so far I have not issue with it .Just make sure all your details are correct before pressing the payment button or else you might get rejected or wasting money to reapply again the visa. I paid almost USD 80 for single entry e-visa.If you are planning to go several time then I suggest you apply for multiple entry .

2. Get your sim card at the airport

I don’t know about you guys but I get my sim card the first thing I landed in the airport regardless which country I travel to. There has been some people telling me to get sim card outside the airport because it would be more cheaper but I have read and heard some cases where traveler especially solo female backpacker encountering problems and they don’t have any form of internet or call package which allow them to call in case of emergency. It could be a terrifying situation. Although price of the sim card could be more expensive but trust me in this. If you encounter any issue at least you have internet to search for your accommodation or call someone in case of emergency . Always come prepare .

Or else you can always activated your roaming from your home country if you are willing to pay for the hefty cost.Or alternatively, there are countries which allow you to rent wifi compartment for a fee when you are flying off another country or once you reach the country of the destination.One of my friend did that when she arrive at Incheon airport in South Korea and rented the pocket wifi from the airport instead of getting a sim card. Recently I notice there is a service called Roaming Man in Malaysia where it allow traveler to rent pocket wifi while they are aboard for a fee of minimum RM12perday depending on which country including India .For Malaysian ,you don’t need to pay a deposit and it works on 138 countries.I put the link down below for your references.

Sorry myself haven’t used this before but I read some review from klook it look legit and has a high rating but you can try and let me know in the comment below.

3.Bring some a first aid kits and some medicine.

You must be wandering why I asking you to bring a first aid kit ?Frankly speaking ,me and my friends travel as a group to India and India is still a third world country where some places infrastructure is still under development . It is always a good idea to bring a small first aid kits in case of any emergency or injury during travels. For Malaysian,you will find other medicine inside the first aid kit beside bandages or antiseptic cream.You could bring some Panadols (drugs for treating fever) or similar drugs which do the tricks and some medicine to stop diarrhea such as Imodium (diarrhea relief) or Po Chai Pills ( is a Chinese traditional pills used for curing diarrhea). In past I been hearing many story of traveler gone to India and encounter severe diarrhea.This is because everyone body is not same when encountering food or drinks in India. A severe diarrhea can cause death so if you feeling unwell and feel like throwing up,please ensure you have your medicine with you or in worst case scenario check yourself into a clinic or hospital nearby when you traveling .

4.Buy a travel insurance

Where ever you go ,you may not know what kind of trouble or emergency you will get yourself into .Not that I’m cursing you or expect you to bump into any kind of trouble such as losing your luggage in the airport or getting sick in a foreign country but having a travel insurance with you would ease your mind during your travels .Therefore before flying to any countries ,be sure to check with your family or friends who has bought before travel insurance or goggle online to see any if there any travel insurance that cover you while you travel. Having a travel insurance while you travel provided a safety net for you in case you need to fork out a lot of money for medical fee or you lost of luggage while you travelling in a foreign countries.You already spend tons of money on your travels.Don’t let these small unfortunate things burden your wallet or spoil your holiday moods . Always be prepare. There is a lot of travel insurance you can buy and get one that is recommended by a lot of people .A lot of those frequent traveler recommend World Nomads but if you are from Malaysia ,you can buy from local travel insurance such as AXA , Alianz or Etiqa. Personally I have use before AXA but according to my friend ( A Malaysian ) he recommend Etiqa as it has the cashless oversea medical care function which other company don’t offer .I haven’t really tried it but for my coming trip I be sure to try this .Most of these travel insurance you can buy online and its hassle free.

5.Travel in groups and travel safe if you are solo traveler

If you are like me and travel with friends ,always travel in groups never alone. As the main organizer of this small little trip ,I always ensure our group travel as a group whenever we go anywhere and no one is left behind.If you are solo traveler, be sure to practice safe travel sense and stay alert all the time.One of my friends did her solo backpacking around the golden triangle in India and she ensure she took the right transportation which most tourist took and stay in hostel which she is comfortable.When she on her tour ,she engage group tour so they can travel as groups.

6.Don’t drink water from unknown source.

Please only drink water from bottle water because I heard so many stories about people drinking water from unknown sources can cause diarrhea or worst other sickness.Therefore ,please be careful of what you are drinking especially the road side stall selling hot tea/chai. One of my friends accidentally drank a hot chai from a roadside stall and she got ill from it .Therefore just be extra cautious that all.

7.Get Vaccinated

I don’t know about you people but in my last trip I didn’t managed to get vaccinated before I travel but it would be wise to do so .Many of my friends do get some jabs or vaccinated as a prevention.Therefore before travelling to India,just check with World Organisation Health (WHO) which kind of vaccine you need to take before travelling to India and make sure you take it early to allow the vaccine to work in your body before flying.Here I put a link down below ,what are recommendation for traveler to take before heading to India.

Travel Vaccines and Advice for India

Therefore here are some tips on how to prepare for trip to India and I hope you get inspire by this post and prepare your next trip to India. In my next posts I going to be sharing some of my experiences traveling to India particularly the Golden Triangle.There would be couple of post within this India trip series and I would show you some good photos I have taken during my trip to India.Till then.Goodbye.


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