Day Trip To Ayutthaya

Good day to everyone. It been quite some days I didn’t post anything in my blog. I had been busy the whole week and now I back to posting about my experience doing a day trip to Ayutthaya. This trip to Ayutthaya is part of the local tour which me and my friends did last year when we are in Bangkok for few days.This day tour was recommended by my colleague and I decided to do it when I’m in Bangkok. At first I was skeptical but after the tour, I must agreed that it is a very good local tour to take if you are in Bangkok next time you here .So let get started .

What is Ayutthaya?

Ayutthaya is an ancient city founded in 13th century and it the second capital of Siam Kingdom during that time until it was destroy by the Burmese in the 18th century.Currently it is situated in in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. It used to be a important trading and diplomat center but now is an archaeological ruin.

How to get to Ayutthaya ?

The city of Ayutthaya is located 80 kilometers from the Bangkok city and there are several ways to get to Ayutthaya. You can travel by car,taxi,bus,train and minivan

The fastest way to get to Ayutthaya is by car or rent a taxi to go there.It would take about an hour from Bangkok to get there.If you go by train ,you need to go to Bangkok Hua Lumpong Railway Station.If your are thinking to take a bus ,then you need to go to the Northern Bus Terminal.Or you can take the minivan from the Mo Chit bus station in Bangkok.As for me I took a local tour from KLOOK site which is recommended by my colleague and it is easy as the tour company would arrange everything from transport from Bangkok around the Ayutthaya and back to Bangkok.

The itinerary for this local tour organised by the local tour company are as below

8:30am meet up at Century Mall (BTS Victory Monument station)
10:00am visit Bang Pa-In Summer Palace
12:00pm travel to a local restaurant for lunch (own expense)
1:00pm discover the Ayutthaya Floating Market
2:00pm explore Wat Mahathat, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Wat Lokayasutharam
5:00pm enjoy a sunset boat ride and stop by Wat Phanan Choeng, Wat Phutthaisawan and Wat Chaiwatthanaram
6:00pm stop by the local market for food and snacks (own expense)
6:30pm leave Ayutthaya
8:00pm drop off at Century Mall (BTS Victoru Monument Station)

Luckily, the accommodation that I live is 5-10 min walk from the Century Mall and you can see many minivan with the logo KLOOK waiting for tourist to board. To be honest ,reason why I choose to pay and join this local tour is simply because my friend recommended to me plus as a busy professional with a day job,This fit the bill and not too expensive as well to join. The tour that we join has a English Speaking Guide attached to us so it easy to understand the story behind each places we are visiting.

People, one tip for you .Please do check whether the tour you are about to sign in is it a English speaking guide or other language speaking guide before booking as you do not want to end up with the wrong tour guide speaking a language that you can’t understand in your whole trip.Below are some of the picture taken during my tour.

In front of the famous Ayutthaya’s famous Buddha head entwined in tree roots
Picture taken from the tower inside the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace
Lunch at the local restaurant
Wefie at Floating Market
Boat ride inside the Floating Market.
Visiting one of the temples
The beautiful sunset boat ride overseeing Wat Chaiwatthanaram

There is an old saying that goes “A picture worth a thousand words.” Although it was a hot day but also a wonderful trip to Ayutthaya and I’m able to witness the beautiful Bang Pa-In Summer Palace and the beautiful temples surrounding Ayutthaya. Despite I feel sad that some temples has become an archaeological ruin but overall it is indeed a very enjoyable tour with my friends.I would recommended anyone who is travelling in Bangkok to spend a day to go to this place.

Just some reminder ,when entering the the Summer Palace and some temples please cover up to show respect. Some places like outside the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace ,there are stall where you can rent or buy some wrap up skirts and sweater before entering the palace .For dress code,please refer to the picture below as a guide. I would suggest you wear some long pants and decent tops to go on this tour or at least bring something to cover up.

After the Sunset boat ride ,the tour guide would bring you to a small night market place where you can enjoy street vendor food beside the river .Due to time constraint ,we aren’t able to sit down to enjoy the food.We ended up buying some food and eat on the way back to the heart of Bangkok.

Our tour that day isn’t a very big group of people and the van we sit basically only have 4 people riding on it including a new friend from Myanmar that we befriended on this tour.I hope you are inspired to travel to this destination the next time you are in Bangkok for a holiday. There are many places outside the Bangkok that haven’t been explored yet .I hope next time I would recommended more places for you to go in my next trip to Thailand.


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