Road Trip To Sekinchan

Hey people ! What ups? Today I going to talk about Sekinchan. What is Sekinchan? For most Malaysian ,they should heard of this place. Maybe yes maybe no.For others global citizen,Sekinchan is a coastal town which is 1 and half hour away from the city of Kuala Lumpur. It is actually a fishing village but also known for it beautiful paddy fields.

Sekinchan is not your typical tourist place .On one side you can see the beautiful paddy fields (depending on which season you coming) and the other side you can see the beach.

When is the best time to visit Sekinchan?

You can visit 365 days but best time to visit Sekinchan is March /April or Sept/October if you want to see the lush green of the paddy fields.Why? it because the farmers would plant the crop twice a year and there are months where the paddy would need to be harvested .

How to get there ?

The best way to get there is by driving .It about one and half hour drive from the Kuala Lumpur. So may I suggest you rent a car to drive there as it is easier to go around.

What activities we can do here ?

Visiting the Paddy Processing Factory and Musuem

If you like to learn about the process of growing rice ,there is a Paddy Processing Factory and Museum which you can visit to learn the life cycle of rice planting.It is actually right in the middle of all the paddy fields.Let me put the google link and the address of this Paddy factory and museum below.If you wish to see the Paddy Gallery,there is an entry fee of RM5 per person but children below the height of 95cm is free to enter.

Address:Lot No. 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, Ban 2, Selangor, 45400 Sekinchan, Malaysia.

Paddy Processing Factory

Cycling or walking along the Paddy Fields

What is more better than strolling or cycling along the beautiful paddy fields and take lots of picture and post in in Instagram .

View of the paddy fields

Pantai Redang

Hey people,don’t be confuse with the beach in Redang island in Terrenganu with this beach .It is totally different set of view. This Redang beach or in Malay we called it Pantai Redang is one of the famous landmark in Sekinchan beside the Paddy Fields.

View of the Pantai Redang

Why is it famous ?

2 things only :Wishing tree and the I love Sekinchan big signage. Or if you are a big fan of Hong Kong Drama ,you may have seen this place being filmed before.

Wishing Tree

Beside the wishing tree there is a small temple for people to pray and give small donation to the temple.In return, anyone can write their wish on the red strings tied with 2 brass scar plate at the end and you need to throw it up to the trees.The higher it get it means your wish will come true soon.Here I put a goggle map link below as references how to get there

I hate to break it to you but this beach is not swim-able.People don’t really come here to swim actually .Yeah you must be thinking what the point of going to the beach without a swim in the sea.So what do they do here?

They flies kites.

Yeap you hear me loud and clear .You can see some vendor selling kites and you can flies kites here as the wind is quite strong not to mention super hot too.Otherwise head up to some stalls for a coconut drinks to lighten your thirst. You can enjoy the breeze of the sea sitting on top of one of these treehouses.

So before you go ,you can always purchase their local produce or snack before heading back.It mainly seafood related product such as dried seafood or prawns snacks.

Eating Seafood

If you are coming to Sekinchan, definitely need to eat seafood.There are many seafood restaurant around Sekinchan which is famous but my friend bought me to this shop called Kedai Kopi 168.

Entrance to the Kedai Kopi 168

So far the prices are reasonable good and very tasty as well. So I would recommend to come here because it is recommended by my friend who is a true sekinchan people who lived here . Surely she know where to recommend people to eat one of the best places to eat rather than going to overly touristy restaurant to eat.The food served quite fast as well if you are really hungry.

If you interested to come here and eat for lunch ,I put the full address and google map link below.

Address: 8371, Jalan Malinja, Pekan Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor

Opening Hours : 7am to 4pm

Interesting fact

If you know Cantonese and you try to to read 168 in Cantonese ,it mean “continue to prosperous after translation (Yat Lou Fat)”.In Chinese context is very good meaning if you do business.

I hope you had some very good inspiration to plan your next trip to Sekinchan. You can come here with friends or family on day trip or even stay over the weekends .There is so many home stay and couple of hotels in Sekinchan which you can stay.Unfortunately I can’t recommend any places to stay because I come here mostly on day trip visit and to visit my old pal who live here.That all for now and I hope you be inspired by this story.


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