Tips on booking accommodation for busy and spontaneous traveler

Hi there ! Are you having trouble trying to book accommodation for your next trip or you are first timer traveler trying to figure where can you find a place to stay during your trip.Here are some personal recommendation and my friends recommendation on some of the site we use .This topic is also good for those busy people who are unsure of their travel plans and keep make changes on their plan last minute or it could be good for those people who is constantly planning a last minute travel plan to somewhere else in short time .

As a busy professional,sometimes I can’t be sure at times if I able to to make it to my travel plans even though I plan it in advance months ago. There are also times ,when I do have some free time ,I quickly make a spontaneous short trip else where for a quiet relaxation weekend for myself or with friends and family.Therefore below are some of the sites which myself and my friends would recommended it to use.

As long as I can recall I start using since 2013. The reason for me using the is because the site allow me to book accommodation and cancel for free in a limited time in case I find a different place to stay or I decide to cancel or postponed my travel plans.This site is famous for free cancel as they don’t charge you until the day you arrived at their accommodation in most cases. Nowadays i used their App and it very easy to use if I was booking very last minute.

The down point :This site also only accept credit card for payment (based on my experience). Maybe debit card can be used as long as there are sufficient money inside.

The good point: This site also allow you to book flight ,car rental and airport taxis at the same time .It very easy and convenience to use. If you are a frequent traveler who uses all the times to book your accommodation,sometimes you get genius deal in the form of discounts or other complementary perks such as free drinks upon arrival to the property, free airport transfer or late check out.This is part of their genius loyalty program for frequent traveler using this.

If you are first timer reading my blog and would like to use to book your accommodation in your next trip, here i have a referral code which allow you to get 10% discounts in your next trip .In return I get a small referral fee to allow me to continue travel and share my personal experience with you in my future blog. I put the the link down below for your convenience.


Agoda works the similarly like as they belong to the same parent company Booking Holding Inc. I don’t usually use Agoda last time is because in the past Agoda provided cheaper price but most of the time is non refundable once you booked it.Therefore this site doesn’t work for me last time. Nowadays since they are the same umbrella as,they also have function where customer can option to book now pay later. Currently I exploring this Agoda and find there is slight differentiation as compare as

The good point: If you don’t have a credit card ,now Agoda allow you to pay using online with internet banking,digital payment through pay pal or over the counter at 7 eleven (through MOLPAY) ( This may be applicable to people who are currently living in Malaysia or access to one for this payment channel).Once you booked it you get AgodaCash which you can use back to book other accommodation . It similar like a cashback thing but you only get it once some of the accommodation you booked has this if I understand it correctly.Same as you can search flight ,car rental and airport transfer.

I understand sometimes in life, you planned something and not all your plan worked out as you expected to be .Hence, I would recommended these two site for booking accommodation as they are one of the famous and largest booking accommodation site with the largest coverage in most places and free cancellation option.This is good for those who are constantly unsure if they able to make it to their travel plan at the very last minute.


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