Tips for booking accommodation for budget traveler

Are you a first time traveler or someone who wished to travel but money is an issue or you have a tight budget? You have come to the right place.This post talks about traveler who want to travel but do not want to break the bank or hurt your wallet so much. Here are some site which allow you to book your accommodation for far less or cost nothing at all .


Despite I don’t travel as a backpacker,this site is recommended by a female friends who is true backpacker solo traveler.She recommended this to me as she has use this site countless time when she travel southeast asia. If you want to save money on accommodation and don’t mind sharing room or dorms with other travelers , you can use this site to book for a bed to sleep at the cheapest price you can find. This site allow you to search for hostel around the world. Just key in your destination and date you are travelling and it would show you all the hostel in that destination. I put the website link down below for you to check it out


This is one of the website where I found and get to know from watching Youtube of traveler using Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers and its helps travelers to find a place to stay . As the name suggested ,the host allow traveler to sleep in their home without any cost .Meaning the traveler don’t need to pay the Couchsurfing site or the host who is going to host you.In return, traveler share their experience ,culture, knowledge with the host or you can opted to help your host washing some dishes while you staying with them .Registering is free but there is a fee to pay to become a verify couch surfer. Usually you get more respond from host if you are a verified couch surfer .So if you plan to use Couchsurfing a lot in your traveling plan ,maybe you can try this out .I put the website link below.

*Sorry I myself have never tried this before and please be more caution when using this Couchsurfing.

I hope the tips above help you to plan your travel even you have very little budget. This shouldn’t stop anyone from traveling even with tight budget.It can always be fun and exciting without breaking the bank. I hope you get inspire in your next travel.


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