Planning a trip to Siem Reap,Cambodia

Last year I went on short trip to Siem Reap,Cambodia to celebrate 2019 New Year.

Why did I choose this place ?

Firstly it a place I never went before and I wanted a short getaway which is money friendly and not to far from my own home country.Secondly it cheaper to travel there and it is still consider one of the safe city to travel specially if you are traveling alone .

How to get there ?

If you are traveling from Kuala Lumpur , you can take Air Asia that flight directly to Siem Reap. It about 2 hours flight and you arrive at Siem Reap International Airport.If you from other countries , I suggest you to search online how to get there or I usually would use google flight search or Skyscanner.

Arriving at Siem Reap International Airport

Do I need a Visa ?

It depends on the passports you are holding .Most countries can enter Cambodia visa free ,some required visa on arrival and some need apply visa in advance to enter Cambodia.It is best that you do some research online to see if to check which type of visa you need or check with the local embassy in your home countries to understand . Malaysian can enter Cambodia visa free and stay no more than 30 days as a tourist.

Where to stay ?

There many option on where you want to stay and how much budget you willing to spend . Since I’m a traveling solo and prefer privacy on my own . I book through and stay at Popular Hotel & Spa .It a boutique hotel near by pub street which is about 3 min walks to famous Pub Street.

Image of swimming pool from the hotel reception

Here is picture taken form the lobby area looking out to the swimming pool.The picture is same as advertised in ,the hotel looked small but the room provided to me is very big .There is so many accommodation booking site and app out there but the one I usually used now is If you like to use the to book the places to stay, you can click the links below and you can use my referral code to get a 10% discount .As for me I will get a small referral fee of US$15 in return to help me continue to travel and share inspiration stories with you all.

How do I get around ?

It very easy and convenient to get around here . You can either download the local taxi or tuk tuk hiring app called PassApp or If you have Grab app you can also use it here . I use Grab because I already using this app in Malaysia .

What currency do they use ?

As a official currency, Cambodia Riel is the one but US dollar is also accepted here as well . Therefore, I only bring US dollar to spend there but sometimes in return they give you back in Cambodian Riel change.

Can I use my credit card to pay or purchases ?

Since Siem Reap is known as a tourist place , many places accept all major credit card but still Cambodia is a developing country, some things such as paying for street vendor still require cash therefore I would suggest you bring some adequate cash here.

I hope you are inspire and ready to plan your next trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia 🙂


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