First Inspired Travel – Kuching,Sarawak

My first inspired travel for me was when I was an young adult . I wanted to travel by plane but somewhere within Malaysia.Therefore I have planned a trip with my friends to go Kuching ,Sarawak back in the year 2010. The reason why we choose Kuching is because is we want to to travel to the other side of Malaysia which we haven’t been or seen before .Indeed that was the very first time experience of travel which I really enjoy the fullest and remember.Traveling to Borneo island is like traveling to another country within a county .

How to reach there?

You can either take local airline such as Malaysia Airline , Air Asia and Malinda Air.It about an hour flight from Kuala Lumpur. Once landed you find that Kuching is very different from Peninsular Malaysia. It sort of very laid back , slow and beautiful .There a lot of nature which you venture .You can visit Bako National Park in Santubang which is an hour away if you are a fan of nature  . If you are a beach person ,you can go to beautiful Damai Beach which is also within Santubong .

Don’t always think travelling need to be over the seas but it can be on the side of Malaysia .If you like to find out more about traveling to Kuching . I put a link down for you to do your further research . This link is the official Sarawak Tourism website and I not linked to this site nor I’m getting paid for recommending this site to you .I merely want you to be inspired .My only advise to you is be inspired to travel .

Visit Sarawak

High five !

Note : FYI , Kuching in Malay language means cat and yes in Kuching around town you see a lot of cat statue.


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