Where Journey Begins with Inspiration

Hi! If you like to be inspired to travel .You have come to the right place.Thank you for joining me in this journey and I hope you be inspired as I’m .

“Our dream can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. — Walt Disney”

The first time I got to travel is when I was seven years old and I was travelling to Melbourne ,Australia with my parents to visit my mum brother family. I didn’t really remember the memories of this trip as that time I was still young . As I grew older , I experience my first travel to another state within Malaysia when I was sixteen . I was going for a national choir competition in Penang and it was my first time ,I felt in love with Penang when the bus crossed the Penang Bridge and the beautiful scenery of the Penang Island from far .

To me travelling is something I really love and I’m inspired to travel irregardless within Malaysia or outside Malaysia.I think is has something to do with my parents and they have sort of inspired me to go travelling .The reason why I created this blog is because I want people to be inspired to travel .

Travelling doesn’t not need mean oversea travelling but can be travelling within Malaysia or within our own state.As long as you feel inspire to travel , let yourself to be free and tell yourself go ahead! We only live life once ,do whatever it takes to make you feel happy .Inspires yourself to travel .


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